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Sawtooth Land Surveying, LLC (SLS), a full-service land surveying company, is seeking a licensed Professional Land Surveyor for its Coeur d’Alene, Idaho office. (An experienced LSI/LSIT close to licensure may also be considered for this position.) The successful candidate will be licensed in Idaho or have the ability to become licensed in Idaho within one year of hiring. Licensure in Washington is also a plus.

Responsibilities and Duties
The Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) will manage all aspects of his or her assigned projects, including budgets and scheduling. They will train and mentor field and office survey technicians, assemble and manage project teams and communicate with senior management. They will be expected to perform their responsibilities and duties with minimal supervision. Their typical duties will include the following.

- Work as the project manager to establish project plan and objectives including time frames, budgets, staffing, and project schedule.
- Perform boundary, cadastral, and right-of-way and route surveying (analysis/reconciliation of field data, boundary determination, research, plats, records of survey, interpret legal descriptions and title documents, etc.)
- Prepare maps for plats, A.L.T.A. surveys, records of survey, etc.
- Prepare legal descriptions and exhibits.
- Perform topographical surveying and mapping.
- Direct field crew members by assigning responsibilities and overseeing all work performed.
- Effectively communicate with clients, public agencies and the general public. Communicate effectively with SLS staff. Manage team members’ project communications.
- Ensure the quality and efficiency of survey crew performance and provide leadership and guidance to crews by training, supervising, coaching and mentoring crew members. The PLS will also assist senior management with crew member performance reviews.
- Recommend changes in design, specifications, budget and schedule, consistent with project objectives, as needed.
- Meet client needs and achieve project profitability by maintaining project objectives, budget and schedule. Report results to senior management and to team.
- Maintain a safe work environment by complying with Sawtooth Land Surveying and/or job site specific health and safety plans by using proper personal protection equipment and by complying with safety guidelines and directives.
- Perform typical field surveying activities such as leveling, total station traversing, and RTK and static GPS surveying to perform topographic mapping, construction layout, as-built surveying, boundary surveying, profile and cross section surveying, etc.
- Perform physical tasks such as line clearing, monument recovery, setting monuments, and setting hubs and stakes.
- Record field notes legibly and accurately. Review crew’s field notes prior to submitting to project team. Be able to interpret electronic (raw data) files. Follow SLS established standard operating procedures (SOP).

Skills and Knowledge
- Must be licensed in Idaho, or be able to become licensed in Idaho via comity within six months. It is also very desirable to be licensed in Washington, or to be able to become licensed in Washington via comity within one year. An experienced LSIT/LSI close to licensure will also be considered.
- Have a minimum of 10 years of experience (licensed and unlicensed experience combined).
- Be experienced in the use of AutoCAD or similar programs and in the use of survey data processing software.
- Be highly proficient in mathematics and measurements.
- Be highly proficient in care, cleaning, and use of a variety of surveying tools and equipment.
- Be highly proficient in the principles of performing surveys (total station traversing, GPS, leveling, etc.)
- Be highly proficient in plan reading (i.e., topographic surveys, boundary surveys, etc.)
- Be fully knowledgeable of survey laws, ethics and technical standards.
- Be proficient in, or become proficient in, construction surveying – bridges, structures, highway construction, subdivision development, industrial development etc.
- Be proficient in, or become proficient in, principles of aerial surveying, LiDAR and photogrammetry – placement and surveying of aerial control networks, data sampling.
- Be proficient in, or become proficient in, FEMA elevation certificates, LOMA, LOMR-F. Development permitting.
- Be proficient in, or become proficient in in A.L.T.A. survey standards.
- Be highly proficient in proper safety procedures and practices.
- Maintain a current driver’s license in good standing.
- Have good workload management skills.
- Have strong written and verbal communication skills.
- Demonstrate initiative and resourcefulness.
- Adhere to product quality standards.
- Able to train and mentor survey technicians and other junior level staff.

SLS offers an extremely competitive salary (dependent on experience) and benefits package, and has a great working environment.

Send resumes to:
Sawtooth Land Surveying, LLC
Attn.: Mark Duffner
560 W. Canfield Ave., Ste 200
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815

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I'm very interested in the base pay for this job
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