Part Time Land Surveyor Available

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Part Time Land Surveyor Available

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First and foremost Merry Christmas to all my surveyor brothers out there!

I have decided to get back into surveying after a couple of years of retirement. I thought it would be easier to let it go, but, it is a love that I have inside for the profession that keeps the candle burning. My son asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year? I said, perhaps an old plumb bob or something. I met with him in Sacramento a couple of weeks ago and he gave me a box. It was full of old plumb bobs (some perhaps 100 years old). This wouldn't mean anything to most folks, but, it meant the world to me.

Anyway, my ideal job would be to work for a California firm to help out with legal decriptions, closures, title report analysis and review, base maps, boundary analysis and perhaps compiling topographic surveys. I would prefer not to be involved with construction or map processing.
I would be willing to work a couple days a week remotely from my home. I can email a current resume to whoever may be interested in developing a working relationship with me.

Thank you in advance.
Michael J. Walters PLS
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Re: Part Time Land Surveyor Available

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Hi Michael, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Can you please email your resume to
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