The Surveyor's Struggle

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The Surveyor's Struggle

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I wrote this poem over twenty five years ago, and some of it (like the one man crew) has happened with GPS technology. Although I was a survey manager during this time, I still occasionally worked in the field. The poem was seen by the Local CLSA Sacramento Chapter, and they requested if I would allow to publish it on their Focal Point Publication. The rest is history!

The Surveyor's Struggle

Throughout the years, we struggle to survive;
With the stiff competition, it's hard to stay alive!

You work hard to be productive, yet not sacrifice your quality for the project at hand;
Then you lose your bid to the completion who drives a rental van!

The "Low Ball" competition, you just can't get rid;
Whatever happened to the bona fied bid?

The third man on a crew is now a thing of the past;
The electronic age seemed to happened so fast!

I hear one day the crew may consist of just one;
All day with a computer doesn't sound like much fun!

But I hear soon things will get better, crews we must hire;
Oh Lord, just another few years, maybe I can retire?

- by Mike Walters P.L.S. (from the Sacramento CLSA "Focal Point" publication 1997
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Re: The Surveyor's Struggle

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Let us not tear this humble work apart, as some map checkers would surely start.

Have empathy for his depression, it was written by a professional, getting wagged by the tail of a viscous recession.

There were good days and even great ones I am sure, probably many. Things to smile about while pinching his pennies.

Not tortured, no starvation, not poisoned, not in the Gulag, no reason to file a complaint with the United Nations; The Journey is more important than the Destination.

George Marchenko
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