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For Sale: Leica DNA03 Digital Level & GPCL2 Invar Rod

Posted: Sat Dec 02, 2023 1:49 pm
by Jim Frame
I listed this equipment for sale on SurveyorConnect (now a couple of years ago, but it didn't generate much interest and I never pursued it further. The shipping cost may have been a deterrent to some, so I decided to try again here.

I bought the level and rod in 2006, and the tripod sometime after 2010. The equipment has only been used on 5 or 6 jobs, each lasting no more than a few days. It was used only by me and my long-time assistant.

Since I’ve been a solo operator for about 7 years now I can’t really make effective use of this gear, so it’s up for sale. New cost was roughly $9500, I’m looking to get $4000 for the bundle.

Attached are 5 each PDFs with photos and the most recent (2011 - not very recent!) calibration certificate issued by SLAC.

Thanks for looking!